Importance of swtor credits

Patch 1.2 is on the edge for SWTOR, set to be airred sometime in April. The patch is going to make some serious overhauls, including ranked PVP. There will also be a new warzone, called Novare Coast. In this warzone, you will need to control 2 out of 3 capture points to drain the enemies point total. Control the 3rd point, and the amount of points drained doubles. This unique scoring function allows for the underdog team to position themselves for a comeback, even in the most hopeless of situations.

Moreover, 18 new objective PVP medals will be added in patch 1.2. The faster you score the match, the more medals you will get. This is to help discourage players from dragging matches out. Medal rewards will be capped to hinder medal farming. Also, you will be able to vote to boot inactive players from warzones. You can queue into cross-server ranked warzones where you will receive special commendations to purchase a new tier of PVP armor named War Hero. Continuing with the PVP changes, there will be a team queue for up to 8 players, new PVP daily’s, and new PVP crafting.

For PVE, there will be a new missionoperation called Explosive Conflict. This raid instance will include a new tier of raid rewardsarmor, surpassing what can be gained in Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace. There will be an 8 man and 16 man version of this instance. Lost Land is the new flashpoint that is being added in this patch. Lastly, a group finder will be included for flashpoints and heroic quests.

Guild banks will be created as well in patch 1.2. Social rank unlocks will allow you to have a ship repair droid to repair and buy/sell gear from your ship, a ship mailbox, and unique orange items, just to name a few. The legacy feature will add a family tree, that allows you to unlock other class buffs, heroic abilities, and hman species alts to give you extra prescence, among other benefits.

In terms of the economy and crew skills, the developers are pressing to cut down on repair costs, which are currency seen as too high. Armstech and armortech will be able to produce different types of augments, slicing will give you augment materials, cybertech grenade cooldowns will be reduced, and new schematics will be available. In addition, there are going to be incentives for players to be crafters by offering exclusive gear. These benefits will be things such as quicker credit gains and better gear aesthetics and statsperformance

The last major change in patch 1.2 will be to the user interface. In Edit mode, you can move and scale most elements of your UI. There will be a target of target feature added, which is important to PVP as well as PVE encounters. You will be able to flip the map axis, move secondary windows to any place on your screen, and save your UI configuration so that you can share it with other players.

In summation, patch 1.2 is shaping up to add some major content to SWTOR and swtor credits. It will provide the biggest change to SWTOR since the game has launched, and also many tweaks and fixes. Lastly, I wanted to mention that SWTOR is offering a free trial period from March 15th to March 19th. So, if you are on the fence about giving the game a try, now is a perfect time!

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